Exu and the Order of The Universe


Esu and
the Universe

Documentary, 85 min |  Nigeria, Brazil, Spain and Slovenia
Currently in production


“Esu and the Universe” is a documentary about religious freedom and the influence of the African Yoruba people, in Brazil and around the world. Esu was a sacred African god for thousands of years but today, after over 300 years of slavery, Esu is seen on late night TV shows, during live exorcism sessions as televangelists send him “back to hell”. How can Esu be both worshiped as a god and hated like the devil? The film is a poetic excursion into the universe of Esu and the historical struggle against forces that insist in demonizing Yoruba culture and their people - but also how, despite being on the brink of extinction, it resisted and started to flourish around the world.